1. Getting Started

Fraction.less can be used in a ton of different ways easily:

  1. As a framework for building out static sites
  2. As the base for your web framework's view files and assets
  3. You can use just the stylesheets, tear them up, then just use the grid or typography styles, or all of them
  4. As the starting point for your own more fully-featured, better-than-Bootstrap front-end framework (Hint: it's already better than Bootstrap)

No matter how you use it, getting started is easy. Just download or clone the repository, unzip, and start building:

  1. Download the project or clone into a new folder with git clone https://github.com/billpatrianakos/Fractionless-Boilerplate.git my_site && cd $_
  2. You'll need Grunt and Bower to use the included build tasks and resources. Install with npm install -g bower grunt-cli
  3. To use the build tasks install the required packages from npm with npm install && bower install
  4. Start up a local server by running grunt develop (or just grunt for those who like brevity)